The Joy of Sets x The Kubrick Archive


London Design Festival 2016
London College of Communication
with Nicholas Mortimer as Scene Everything


The Joy of Sets x The Kubrick Archive adapted a workshop format to produce a large scale installation at London College of Communication  [LCC] for the London Design Festival. We collaborated with The Stanley Kubrick Archive and LCC students to design and build a set to reimagine one of the iconic scenes from the 1968 science fiction film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

2001 was chosen for its spectacular achievements in production design and also for the incredible amount of archive material produced by Kubrick in researching the future of space travel. The centrifuge set is a focal point for multiple references relating to design fiction as a form of prototyping.

The installation build was a four day event during the festival. Through conceptual and practical discussions, students were invited to focus on making different areas of the set and develop their methods of prototyping ideas at 1:1 scale. Made primarily with cardboard, the installation offered a new tactility to Kubrick’s science fiction, responding to the fascinating material held in the Archive.

Research & Set Design by Scene Everything

Curated by Ben Stopher

With support from Richard Daniels at The Stanley Kubrick Archive

Made in collaboration with Patricia De Souza, Priscilla Sages, Emerson Domingo, Maryann Ivanova, Mikaela Kilfoyle, Belmin Pileuneli, Naina Thada Magar, Sadia Rahman, Zhiling Shen, Wenxuan Zhou, Yiwei Peng, Tristan Goddard, Rohit Sharma and Yige Long