The One-Way Ticket

HD // Sound
10 mins 26 secs

Mixed-Media Installation
2.2 x 2.2 x 4.8m

(H x W x D)

Trailer for The One-Way Ticket

The One-Way Ticket explores the idea of sending one person on a one-way trip to outer space. Not coming back opens up an exceptional scenario, so far unprecedented in the history of human space travel. The project focuses on the experience of a lone astronaut and responds to research into human factors particular to a one-way mission. In parallel with this research ran a production of props, contraptions and sets made for exploring the scenario through film.

The project works are a short film, a space capsule installation and a map of the mission’s path. The film describes a series of episodes transmitted from aboard the traveling spacecraft. The map plots key milestones along the journey that reaches beyond Mars. Based along this path, the film episodes describe the experience of being in space and also some of the unique psychological phenomena that could occur on a one-way trip, such as losing sight of Earth for the last time.