Thinking on Screen


MA Space and Communication
HEAD Genève


Thinking on Screen is a workshop for experimenting with audiovisual ways of articulating a thinking process. It introduces the video essay and essay film as particular media forms and modes of research. Image, sound, and words form the essential materials for presenting thoughts on screen, and amplifying voices of designers as they explore their chosen subjects.

By working with filmed or found footage and employing various montage methods, designers can address particular insights, questions, observations, or reflections on screen. In articulating a thinking process, video can be an engaging means for exploring and sharing research findings that are subjective as they are meaningful, as critical as they are playful, as radical as they are open-ended.

The first edition of Thinking on Screen was hosted by MA Space and Communication at HEAD Genève, from 20–21st October 2022. Made in collaboration with: Pénélope Barraud, Tristan Bartolini, Camille Bellmas, Elisa Bonami, Ankita Das, Roberta Faust, Linda Forestieri, Vincent Grange, Sonya Isupova, Giona Mazzucchelli and Maria-Eleni Vourtsi.

20–21 October 2022